Personalized Trips in the Himalaya

With years of experience in managing group tours & tailor-made vacations throughout Himalayas, we have mastered in operating Tour, Trekking, Climbing & Expedition in Nepal and beyond. We believe, a perfect tour is a combination of safety, value of your money, mind-blowing personalized trips with authentic cultural taste with social & environmental responsibilities.

We, at High Altitude Nomads, love to showcase the real Shangri La and make your trip unforgettable. All our packages are well tried and tested through many years to give you mesmerizing experience in your tour in Nepal. All our trips are 100% customizable which means you will have your kind of vacation in the mountain.

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Community change Through Tourism

Adventure Activities

Being home to eight of the fourteen eight thousand meter mountains, Nepal is a mecca for Adventure Junkies. From Peak climbing to Expedition, Rafting, Canoeing, Bunjee Jumping, and Paragliding over Himalayas just to mention few, Nepal has everything to offer to make your trip unforgettable.

Why Book with Us

High Altitude Nomads is our passion for showcasing the beauty of the Himalayas and assisting Travelers to make everlasting memories.

Tailor Made Is What We Do

Majority of the tours we operate are tailor made and personalized. We believe in creating your vacations like you desire. All of our mentioned tours are 100% customizable.

Local Experts At Your Disposal

High Altitude Nomads is operated by well experienced locals with years of knowledge in organizing adventure travel in Nepal, Tibet & Bhutan.

Small Group Tour

Our each group consists six to eight like minded travelers, giving you an ample opportunity to be yourself in the remote Himalayas. We want you to experience each and every details.

Value Of Money

Being Traveler ourselves, we understand the value of every penny you spend on your trips. We never charge a single extra penny apart from the price we have confirmed.

We Have Our Result In Numbers

Happy travelers are all we have since the starting of High Altitude Nomads. And we are proud to showcase our values in number.

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Featured Trips

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Experience Local

Community-based tours with local experience are what we take pride in. Our team of professionals at High Altitude Nomads who have curated some of the most beautiful and responsible Tours meticulously in Nepal with a local touch.

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