Nepal is home to numerous highest mountains in the world. It is considered a mecca for trekking and mountaineering junkies. Besides world-class trekking and hiking activities, it offers numerous cultural and adventurous tours. This tiny country is also the land of hundreds of world-class mountain rivers. Which has driven many rafting enthusiasts to come and experience the thrill and beauty of Nepal for many years.

From day rafting trips for beginners to a rafting expedition, one can get innumerable versions of white water rafting, depending on your choice and interest.

Class 1 rivers have a slower current with very few obstacles.
Class 2 and 3 rivers have faster currents with small to medium size rapids.
Class 4 rivers consist of strong current and large waves which needs strong paddling and proper team working.
Class 5 is known for its long and powerful section of rapids requiring very strong paddling with some previous experiences would be very helpful
Class 6 is simply not for rafting

8 Days Karnali River Rafting and Kayaking
8 Days
8 Days Karnali River Rafting and Kayaking in Nepal is an exotic way to experience the diversity of this tiny landlocked country. Nepal offers some...
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