high altitude nomads

High Altitude Nomads is an Adventure Travel Company based in Kathmandu, Nepal. Our team specializes in operating Tours, Trekkings & Expedition trips in the Himalayas of Tibet, Nepal, and Bhutan. We are proud of our teammates who have mastered personalized trips for all kinds of travelers throughout the world. We work hand in hand with some of the largest adventure tour operators and have showcased some of the world’s best series in Nepal, Tibet & Bhutan.

We apply ourselves to in adventure activities, such as Trekking in Nepal, Peak climbing, and Expedition in Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan. As well as River rifting in Nepal, volunteerism tours in Nepal, Cultural tours and sightseeing in Nepal, Handicapped friendly tours, and many more. Not only an adventure travel program but also our passion lures for Community-Based Tours and Homestay packages. As we believe in our existence and our responsibilities towards our community. Operating a vacation that directly involves the locals for their well-being is what we do. This notion delivers us with an Authentic experience on our trips, giving our valued sojourner memories worth remembering.

High Altitude Nomads has been promoting handicapped-friendly tours in Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan. We have wide verities of tours for differently abled people. We have been proudly presenting the beauty of the Himalayas to all kinds of travelers.

Why High Altitude Nomads?

High Altitude Nomads

We would like to share a genuine adventure travel experience with our valued guests. The majority of the tours we operate are tailor-made and personalized. We believe in creating your vacations as you desire. All of our mentioned tours are 100% customizable. You will certainly find yourself on a royal-like vacation.

Similarly, we have been operating verities of travel-related programs in NepalTibet, and Bhutan. Which includes Tour For Differently Abled Travelers, MICE Tours, Volunteer Tours, and many more.

High Altitude Nomads are a team of passionate trekkers and hikers. Our optimum goal is to show the real and bona fide beauty of the Himalayas. With our comprehensive tour packages in Nepal, Tibet, as well as travel to Bhutan we have been featuring the Himalayan experience to the world.