Teahouse Trekking in Nepal

Tea house trekking in Nepal

Teahouse lodges are described as small entities along trekking or hiking routes offering basic lodging and fooding facilities. In most of the trekking routes in the country, after a long day, you will end in one of the tea house lodges along the way which not gives you shelter and food but provides you with an enchanting experience. Teahouse trekking in Nepal is comfortable and cozy depending on the region you trek to.

Teahouse trekking in Nepal refers to the use of lodges for accommodation and fooding purposes while trekking. After a long and hard day’s walk, even with the basic facilities, you will experience the comfort of luxury-class hotels. Teahouse treks give you the best experience of Trekking in Nepal.

History of Teahouse Trekking in Nepal

Teahouse trekking in Nepal

In the early 60′ when Nepal was recently introduced as a traveling destination, the hippie movement was flourishing in and around Kathmandu. By then they started trekking to nearby mountains, where they used local residential houses (homestay) for overnight stays.

Thanks to the beauty of Nepal, in no time there was a big movement of foreigners trekking to the villages of Nepal which lead to the transformation of homestays into teahouse lodges. Now Teahouse Trekking in Nepal is considered the best way to feel an authentic village life.

What kind of facilities do we get at Tea House Lodge?

Tea house trekking in Nepal

The facilities of teahouse lodges depend on their location. The higher you trek, the more basic accommodations you get. Due to the harsh environment and minimum resources, teahouse lodges serve with more basic amenities.

Teahouse normally holds a fire chimney working as a heater, where we gather to have dinner and enjoy a tiring evening with books or just gossip. Most lodges serve with private twin-bedded rooms with a shared bathrooms. Many lodges on the famous trekking route also provide private rooms with attached bathrooms.

However, in the peak season, it is likely to stay overnight in dormitory rooms, sharing rooms with 4-5 other trekkers. The bed is not luxurious but comfy enough to make you fall asleep. Normally the bed is prepared with thick foam which might be hard for some travelers. We suggest you bring your own inflatable mattress if you are not comfortable. We recommend you bring a good sleeping bag as the room has no heater.

For a hot shower, you have to buy a bucket of hot water which cost around two hundred to three hundred Nepalese rupees (2-3 dollars bill). Toilets are normally Asian squats, depending on the location as well. On the major trekking route, one can also find western-style flushing toilets.

In most places on major trekking routes, you can find electricity. There will be an extra charge for Wifi access. In the Everest region, one can get Everest Link prepared a card for mobile data which can be used at any lodges along the way.

What kind of meals is available at a Teahouse Trekking in Nepal?

Nowadays food menus in teahouse lodges have developed and provided a wide range of eateries to hungry trekkers. The local items as Dal, Bhat (lentils, rice, curry, pickle), momos (Tibetan-style dumplings filled with veg, chicken, buff, or cheese), noodle soup, American-style breakfast with tea or coffee, cold drinks, hot beverages, and much more.

What to pack for the Teahouse trek in Nepal?

Tea house trekking in Nepal

A night time in the mountains is really cold. Teahouse lodges do not have a heating system in the room, we suggest you bring a sleeping bag for a warm sleep at night. Also, don’t forget to bring water purification tablets, toiletries, and spare and warm clothes.

Safety and security while trekking

One has to take proper care of their belongings and ensure every personal possession is secure. It is important to secure your belongings, especially when you are sharing a room with another trekker.


Teahouse Trekking in Nepal is a fascinating way to explore and experience the real beauty of Nepal. A hard day of walking and comfortable sleep at local teahouse lodges is how you can get to know the mountains and the real life of locals.

Staying in a teahouse lodge also provide earning source for local. We recommend consuming the meals at the same teahouse lodge where you stay overnight, which will help the teahouse lodge management earn for their families.

Teahouse Trekking in Nepal is no doubt the best way to celebrate the lifestyle of locals, enjoy local food, and be a part of economic growth in rural villages.

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