Why Travel with Us?
Why travel with us? With more than 40 years of combined experience in managing group tours & tailor-made vacations throughout the Himalayas, we have mastered operating Cultural tours, Trekking, Climbing & Expeditions in Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan.

We believe, a perfect tour is a combination of safety, value for your money, mind-blowing personalized trips with authentic cultural taste with social & environmental responsibilities. Being a local Adventure Travel Company, We at High Altitude Nomads are well-equipped and experienced to provide top-notch services. Our personalized trips, expert travel advice, and well-prepared ground-handling team are responsible for every happy trip we create.

Tailor-made is what we do

High Altitude Nomads offers extensive and world-class tour packages. All our programs are well-tested and are operated meticulously. Apart from regular trips, the majority of the tours we operate are tailor-made and personalized. We believe in creating your vacations as you desire. All of our mentioned tours are 100% customizable and our team is well experienced in tailormade the program in a practical way.

Local Experts At Your Disposal

High Altitude Nomads is operated by well-experienced locals with years of knowledge in organizing adventure travel in Nepal, Tibet & Bhutan. All of our team are natives of Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan, we were born here and we have been traveling here which allows us to provide hassle-free logistic management for your trip in the Himalayas. Similarly being a local destination management company, we can assure you experience the most authentic version of Nepalese culture and tradition. The same applies to our tour in Bhutan and Tibet, as we have a local travel representative to make 100% sure to run your tour smoothly.

Small Group Tours

Our group consists of six to eight like-minded travelers, giving you ample opportunity to be yourself in the remote Himalayas. We want you to experience each and every detail. Our team makes sure to give you an authentic experience. We won’t let you miss each and every detail of culture, and tradition. Our small group allows you to understand every single detail of the places you visit. It also provides a personal and intimate opportunity to interact with every aspect of your travel.

Safety & Security, Our Top Priority

With years of experience in handling tours in the Himalayas, we know the possible hazards which may affect our trips. Safety and Security have always been our concern. Our highly trained team of locals is well aware of the topography and possible risk factors, and with proper training and decades of experience, we are always ready to go above & beyond to make certain about the safety of our valued clients and staff.

Handpicked Trips For You

Pick the date and pack your bags, it’s time to start traveling again. We have something for every one of you. Apart from Trekking and hiking in the Himalayas, we have much more to offer. Either you volunteer in a rural village school or eat with locals at their homes, work in the field, or participate in festivals in Nepal. We are very one of the very few Destination Management Companies in Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan providing differently-abled friendly tours. With our top-notch services, High Altitude Nomads has been proudly showcasing the most authentic travel experience in the high Himalayas.

Highest Level of Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our every trip is operated meticulously by some of the most experienced hands-on Mountain Tourism. With years of working in the hospitality trade, we know exactly what makes your trip authentic. And with the feedback of our clients, we have proven it as well. We have a 100% satisfaction record from every individual traveler we have worked with. 50% of every trip we operate are repeated travelers. From your arrival to your departure, our team will make sure to make your every moment amazing and worth remembering.

Incredible Value of Your Money

Being travelers ourselves, we know the value of every penny you spend. Being a local destination management company, we have been providing the best possible rates without compromising the services. Being a small team of passionate travelers, our operation cost is very low, making our every trip cheaper. Every rate we provide is straightforward, genuine, and without any hidden charges. You will get an all-inclusive trip and we won’t charge you any extra unless it is not mentioned in the include section. Our ethics includes a high value for the money you spend while traveling with us.

Integrity, Sustainability, and Social Responsibilities

High Altitude Nomads has always taken our Social Responsibilities towards society in depth. We have been focusing on norms and ethics of domestic as well as international standard. And sustainability through tourism has always been our value since our inception. Every team member in High Altitude Nomads is well-informed about the importance of sustainability. We have strived to protect the environment and the serene beauty of nature. ‘Leave only footprints, take only memories and pictures’. We strictly apply this in all our tour programs.